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After shocking us with last year’s story of the washed up Rugby League star and the incredible live show to match, You Beauty have brought us their second pub-rock opera, a likely story about an online romance scammer who falls in love with his prey.

If anyone, this band know how to take their audience on a journey through the suburban Australian heart. Skipping between dodgy eHarmony profiles, A Current Affair exposés and conjugal Jayco visits as easily as the tunes move from shimmery pop to 90’s fist pumpers and touching ballads, Illywhacka is part hairbrush sing along, part audio book and part extended dissertation on where humanity lives in the post-internet world.

To ensure the all-important singalong at their incredible live shows, the band have included 3000 words of lyrical content on the back of this beautiful vinyl packaging. This release sees the first in a new Sydney/Melbourne collaboration between Rice is Nice and BSR, aimed at encouraging kids off the sofa and onto the dancefloor.

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