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It has been a long two years since the release of A Toast to Superstar, the debut long-player from a much loved Melbourne duo known as, well, Superstar.

Superstar are an enigma in the Australian music scene. They have been distilling their sound for almost a decade, refining their approach to music and critiquing their processes the way they would a fine wine, something the band are famously akin to.

From this extended period, we have but a handful of releases to judge them on. It seems that the band, made up of Kieran Hegarty (guitar, drum machines) and Esther Edquist (keys, vocal) prefer to stay in the shadows. They are concerned only with their artistic output, and in ensuring that this is of the highest quality.

Their second album, Table for Two, doesn’t disappoint. Taking elements explored in their first record, the band build upon their unique sound. Edquist takes the vocal sound on this record to a new level, showcasing an incredible capacity that was previously masked beneath Hegarty’s dominant guitar work.

The record is a great achievement, taking everything we loved about their first appearance and pushing the envelope to a new dimension. The band are reaching for a new sound previously unexplored amongst their contemporaries, and are hitting the mark, too.

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