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Silly Joel & the Candymen are a hip-hop group based in Melbourne, Australia. Refusing to fake their accents or engage in ironic dress ups, this is music by students of rap, for students of rap. Nothing about thrift shops or social justice will be found here, only complex boasts, harsh battle raps and surreal one-liners. Taking inspiration from every corner of rap, MC’s Silly Joel, Fred Soque and Rob Feelins rhyme relentlessly over Soque’s sample-heavy, medicinally enhanced production, creating a truly unique kind of music. This 7″ holds two tracks, Dr. Seuss and La Quondy. It is without question some of the best hip-hop ever made on Australian soil.

Known for their previous work in projects such as Wolf & Cub, Peak Twins and Bitch Prefect, this is an important musical departure from the previous work of these MC’s (their names will not be revealed here). In a day of fickle music audiences and a subculture that grows continually apathetic and wandering, it has become important to these musicians to explore what they see as the important elements of their craft – passion, feeling and a strong sense of opinion. This is Hard Candy.

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