This year, Melbourne slacker-pop quintet Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are set to release their third full-length record, the aptly titled Mid Thirties Single Scene.

Six years since the release of Craig Dermody’s original ode to moving furniture and cold Melbourne winters, S&CW have become an international institution, playing across the USA, Europe and Japan, while managing to secure themselves a spot at Glastonbury Festival, amongst others. 

With a lineup now consisting of infamous Melbourne recording engineer Jack Farley, long-time companion and Spider Vomit band mate Gill Tucker, drummer and Bedroom Suck label-boss Joe Alexander, and the recent addition of Esther Edquist on keys and vocals, S&CW continue to change shape and size, constantly moving from down-the-line jangle anthems and into murkier territory, then back again. Tracks like ‘Bush’ explore their own brand of Australian psychadelia; while Edquist truly comes to the fore in ballads like ‘Forever and a Day’. As a whole, the record pays homage to the greats of Australian 80’s suburban pop – the records we watched our parents spin at Sunday afternoon barbies, with big-bellied men sprawled in plastic chairs in the back yard.

 Mid Thirties Single Scene is an ode to growing up, seeing more of life, and never really knowing where things will end up. 

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