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After a long wait since the release of her powerfully moving Deep in The Big, Fremantle’s unique storyteller Rabbit Island announces the reissue of her earliest bedroom recordings, Songs for Kids.

Made up of fifteen songs, recorded to tape by Amber Fresh sometime in 2013 and since remastered by Rob Grant (Tame Impala, POND, Melody’s Echo Chamber); these selections range from new takes on traditional lullabies like Insywinsy to simple yet incredibly powerful ruminations on our world, and the destructive systems we have built.

The album is startling, clearly and simply presented, and made all the more beautiful by a steady stream of tape hiss and the sound of nylon strings buzzing off stone walls.

“I wrote these songs for my niece when she was 2 years old. When kids are older they can move on to classic rock, metal, psych, jazz. But for a while, some comforting music recorded on tape is important, so I made these for her.

If I’d written these songs today and yesterday they’d be a little different … but hopefully we’ll get there.”

Rabbit Island

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