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Brisbane duo Primitive Motion are back, blasting through the time/space vortex on their second full-length album, Pulsating Time Fibre. One year on from their acclaimed debut, Worlds Floating By, the band are bursting with material and have undertaken an extensive home studio exploration of dream-float-pop and cosmic wandering.

Employing their unconventional recording techniques (sometimes material is captured raw as it is composed, and at other times certain compositions will float back and forth between different home studios in Brisbane, sometimes for months on end), the band have pieced together a true manifesto for what is Primitive Motion.

Their signature echo-drenched sound ascends a new apex as the duo cut and polish two distinct sides, flipping a thread of minimal short form pop gems with extended deep space forays. This is truly a concept record, two sides of a coin each exploring their hypothesis within different frameworks. Side A consists of eleven one-and-two-minute gems, a new approach for Primitive Motion, while the B side contains material originally composed for Sydney’s award winning experimental radio program, Ears have Ears.

Driven by machine beats and live drums, the band weave their cloak of keyboards, brass and wind instruments with shimmering runs of analogue synth and stylophone. There is a dreamy warmth and melancholy that courses through the bloodstream of Pulsating Time Fibre, a sense of the almost-familiar, like an unborn memory from an imagined future.

Another important feature of this release is the incredible collaged artwork, pieced together by the band and presented in a now instantly recognisable PM fashion. It is this visual aspect of that band that is becoming almost inseparable from their sound. Somehow, the essence of light and movement that the band are trying to convey in their compositions are reflected in these artworks, mercifully put on display for listeners to contemplate.

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