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Named after a suburb perched on the outer fringes of Melbourne, Lower Plenty are comprised of some of Australia’s most talented musicians. The quartet of Daniel Twomey (percussion), Jensen Tjhung (guitar + vocal), Sarah Heyward (percussion + vocal) and Al Montfort (guitar + vocal) all hail from various areas in and around Melbourne, a city known for it’s ability to attract cultural expatriates from around the country, often leaving the rest of the continent devoid of activity.

Of late, it seems as though Lower Plenty have come to personify this approach to music making in Melbourne. They meet rarely, in the down time between tours or jobs. As a result, their records take on a quality of restlessness. Songs enter the room, stir around, and depart just as suddenly, leaving the listener with a sense of something lost. It is this impact that has kept Lower Plenty active in Melbourne, despite all odds.

This album was recorded in a kitchen in Collingwood, I was there, I saw it happen. It was probably freezing cold and grey outside, the band were rugged up against the cold of another Melbourne winter. We exchanged a few brief words before I retreated out the front door, leaving them to their reverie. They looked at peace in that small house, seated in a circle, each exploring a musical idea of another. The results are here on paper, wrapped up with a bow. ‘Sister, Sister’.

‘Sister, Sister’ to be released on November 18th, 2016.