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‘Staying up at Night’ is a single taken from Dag’s debut full length album, available here.




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Dag play songs about the country, about the city, and about trying to find yourself somewhere in between. Always surrounded by isolation, living in your head – the company of strangers or the solitude of the bush.

 Dag ‘Benefits of Solitude’ LP will be available via Bedroom Suck from February 24, 2017.

“There’s doubt that Dusty Anastassiou will ever find the answers to the questions he’s asking about on ‘Dogwood’. But it doesn’t matter, because simply asking those questions puts him leagues ahead of everyone else.” – Ryan Saar, Soundly Sounds

“Comparisons to 90’s Silver Jews wouldn’t be out of place here. Listening to this album reminds one of the experience of coming across just such a band, back then. It’s a wonderful discovery.” – Ian Powne, 4ZZZ

“A guitar that sounds as if it might be strung with barbed wire and a voice that floats on deep clouds of fucked up country-tinged remorse and post-Jandek blues.” – David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

“Frontman / songwriter Dusty Anastassiou brings us 6 songs of backyard woe and mild joy not heard with the same guitar slingin’ finesse in this crumbling town since early Go-Betweens.” – Matt Kennedy, Eternal Soundcheck