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This year, in an exclusive release for Record Store Day 2014, we could not be happier to present a brand-new single from our own hometown cult legends, Clag.

Formed around high school friends Bek Moore, Rachael Cooke and Alison Bolger in the early 90’s, Clag played a kind of psychotic kiddie-punk, full of one note Casio keyboard solos and lyrics about cows, goldfish and gravy-covered chips. Their apparent innocence, however, was merely a front, disguising examinations of the human psyche that grew darker as the band progressed.

Live, the band would face away from the audience and play with masks taped to the backs of their heads, or dress in hospital gowns and bedeck the stage with fluffy Mr. Men toys. Musically, they were equally confusing, staking out a bizarre middle ground between The Shaggs, Bikini Kill and the Banana Splits. In short, Clag were one of the most head-scratchingly strange bands in the world, and those who came across them either recoiled immediately or developed a lifelong obsession.

The had band released three vinyl singles and were set to make an international mark before they disintegrated in the mid-90’s. Clag members went on to play in bands such as Beaches, Panel Of Judges, Minimum Chips and Scrabbled, however, such legend has has grown around the early Clag records as to make their first musical venture truly iconic in the Brisbane music scene.

This new 7”, cheekily titled Choose Your Own A-Side, includes two brand new singles recorded in various sessions across Brisbane and Melbourne, their first newly-recorded output since 1995. Julian Patterson undertook recording duties on the Melbourne team, with Small World Experience’s lead-man and recluse Pat Ridgewell picking up the Brisbane leg.

The record also includes an interesting live recording from a recent Clag reunion show, aptly titled ‘Real Bad Reception’.

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