September 27, 2016

We’re pleased as punch to today announce the newest induction into the ever growing Bedroom Suck family.. Dag!

Dag play songs about the country, about the city, and about trying to find yourself somewhere in between. Always surrounded by isolation, living in your head – the company of strangers or the solitude of the bush.

Led by songwriter Dusty Anastassiou, Dag have gone through several lineups over their 3- year existence. Their new album was recorded over 2 years in Brisbane, with local musicians Matt Ford (Thigh Master, Tenth Court), Josh Watson (Kitchen’s Floor) and Skye McNicol.

Head over to Indie30 to listen to and read more about debut single ‘Staying Up at Night’ and their forthcoming LP due out Feb 24 via Bedroom Suck.

Dag will also be launching ‘Staying Up At Night’ on Friday, October 21 @ The Post Office Hotel, Melbourne, w/ Calamari Girls.

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