March 2, 2017

All the best things come in pairs: spaghetti and meatballs, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, and now Bedroom Suck and Milk! Records. Motivated by friendship, music and a contagious need to share the combination of those two things with the world, the independent Australian record labels are teaming up for the first time and sending the results directly to your mailbox.

Split Singles Club is a limited-edition collection of 7-inch vinyl, each pairing a track from one of Milk!’s favourite Australian artists on one side, with one of Bedroom Suck’s on the other. The idea – spearheaded by Bedroom Suck director Joe Alexander and Milk! co-founder Jen Cloher – was born out of the close familial dynamic each label has with their artists and their local communities. “We wanted to develop a project that encapsulated this family idea and also extended a hand to others,” Joe says. A significant motivating factor in the project, Jen adds, is highlighting the uniquely generous spirit of Melbourne’s music scene, one that’s earning a growing awareness around the world: “I think Split Singles Club is a great reflection of how uncompetitive and collaborative we are in this town.”

The inclusive local labels are a package deal, and so are the records in this series; over the course of three months, subscribers will receive a total of six 7-inches in the mail, along with accompanying digital downloads. By May, there will be songs from 12 of these beloved local labels’ favourite artists spinning on turntables around the world. And there’s no splitting these singles – when you subscribe, you receive the lot. Like milk and cookies or Milk! and Bedroom Suck, you can’t have one without the other.

Artists include Courtney Barnett, Blank Realm, Dag, Lehmann B. Smith (of Totally Mild fame), Hachiku, Primo! + more.

You can learn more about the club here.