November 9, 2019

Totally Mild are a four-piece based in Melbourne, Australia. Fronted by Elizabeth Mitchell, a woman with an exciting tendency to sing in a falsetto not many can match, the band perform absolutely perfect, skewed, disjointed pop music that sounds as though it was handed down from the heavens. Zachary Schneider (Full UglyThe Great Outdoors) follows close behind on lead guitar, his lines interlocking with Mitchell’s to form a structural frame. This is matched by Lehmann Smith (Kes Band) and Ashley Bundang’s rhythm section, an enigma in itself. The playing is sparse, accentuation perfect.

Since developing out of Mitchell’s solo project of the same name, Totally Mild have put Australia into a spin. They finished 2015 with a performance  at the revered Meredith Music Festival, as well as being singled out throughout the year to support the likes of Real EstateBest Coast and The Chills, to name a few.

Totally Mild’s debut record also received nominations for the Australian Music Prize, the Age Victoria Music Awards and the Carlton Dry AIR Awards. They have toured extensively throughout Europe, performing at the prestigious Incubate Festival amongst others.

Of anything within the BSR catalog, this is one record we’ve been excited about since first listen. Close your eyes and listen to those harmonies! Oh bliss! Oh ecstasy! Oh joy!

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