November 9, 2019

The second LP from Slug Guts is a noticeably more mature record than their debut. While the Guts still pay homage to Australia’s strong swamp rock lineage, Howlin’ Gang brings something new to a genre that has seen too many boring recreations. It’s a reverb-drenched mess that’s punctuated by duelling riffs and tom-heavy drums. Jimi Kritzler’s high-pitched growl is removed from this record and in its place is the baritone drawl of bass player James Dalgleish. Slug Guts hate Brisbane so much so that they thought recording this in a railway carriage in Ipswich would be better than staying in their home town. They seem to feed off what they see as a festering abyss. It’s intentionally unsettling.Something like a mix of Big Star, Camper Van Beethoven, Towns Van Sant, The Velvet Underground, The Church and probably a heap of something else thrown in on top, Boomgates boasts members of Eddy Current Suppression RingTwerpsDick Diver and about a million other awesome projects. Double Natural is their first long player.

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