Bedroom Duets over Summer at MPavilion

January 3, 2017 / no comments

Over January and February we’re presenting a series of shows at the majestic outdoor stage of the MPavilion, located in the Queen Victoria Gardens.

Each show features two like minded acts coming together to provide the soundtrack to your summer evening.

Friday January 13
Angel Eyes + Fia Fiell

Sunday January 29
Dag + Primo!

Sunday Febuary 12
Elizabeth Mitchell of Totally Mild + Jess Ribeiro

All shows are family friendly and free!

These shows will be taking place on the traditional land of the Yalukit Willum people. We pay respect to their elders past and present. 

Poster design thanks to Mitch Clemens.

Bedroom Plucks w/ Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

December 1, 2016 / no comments

Our latest musical mix is curated by Melbourne troubadours Scott & Charlenes’s Wedding. Six years since the band’s debut record – an ode to moving furniture and cold Melbourne winters – our favourite slacker-pop quintet have returned with their third aptly titled LP Mid Thirties Single SceneThe band are currently eyeballs-deep in their world domination tour (check ‘em out in Japan).

Although Scott & Charlene’s Wedding have just traversed halfway around the world, they present for your listening pleasure a playlist loyal to Craig Dermody’s Australian roots, featuring Paul Kelly, Lower Plenty, Thigh Master and The Church.

Bedroom Suck Records’ End-Of-Year Christmas Show!

November 16, 2016 / no comments

2016  has been unrelentlessness.. The World looks kinda grim..

But hey!

Bedroom Suck Records are throwing a end-of-year bash, and you’re invited!

On Saturday, December 3rd, all of your BSR favourites and some of our close friends will be playing at The Curtin. Included in on the fun are Terrible Truths, Dag, Jarrow, Evelyn Morris, Treehouse, Waterfall Person + a whole bunch of other real ripper bands and performers.

Don’t dwell in the misery of Trump being elected as President. Come out for the night and have a laugh!

More info on tickets and general happenings here.

Lower Plenty are back!

October 25, 2016 / no comments

Melbourne is an incestuous town. Bands share members, record in home-made studios, and play to packed venues and backyards alike. Lower Plenty meet rarely, in the downtime between tours or jobs, write and record on the spot, and call it quits for another year.

The upcoming album Sister Sister – the band’s fourth – was recorded in a kitchen in Collingwood. It was freezing cold and grey outside, the band rugged up against another Melbourne winter, seated in a circle, each exploring a musical idea of another, imbuing the record with a quality of restlessness and shared warmth.

Listen to the first single, ‘Bondi’s Dead’ here.

 Sister Sister LP out 18th November 2016 via Bedroom Suck / Omnian Music Group

Introducing a brand new addition to the Bedroom Suck family..

September 27, 2016 / no comments

We’re pleased as punch to today announce the newest induction into the ever growing Bedroom Suck family.. Dag!

Dag play songs about the country, about the city, and about trying to find yourself somewhere in between. Always surrounded by isolation, living in your head – the company of strangers or the solitude of the bush.

Led by songwriter Dusty Anastassiou, Dag have gone through several lineups over their 3- year existence. Their new album was recorded over 2 years in Brisbane, with local musicians Matt Ford (Thigh Master, Tenth Court), Josh Watson (Kitchen’s Floor) and Skye McNicol.

Head over to Indie30 to listen to and read more about debut single ‘Staying Up at Night’ and their forthcoming LP due out Feb 24 via Bedroom Suck.

Dag will also be launching ‘Staying Up At Night’ on Friday, October 21 @ The Post Office Hotel, Melbourne, w/ Calamari Girls.

Click here to RSVP.

5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records!

November 8, 2014 / no comments


Bedroom Suck Records began as the present tense of Joe Alexander and Sam McCabe, two down-and-out sharehouse types direct from the steamy sauna of Brisbane suburban living. One day the amount of good music snaking out from under the doors of friends and distant relatives became too much to bear, and in early 2009 what became known as ‘bedroom suck’ was born.

Since then, B-S-R have been honoured to dip their hands into hot vinyl to manufacture records for the likes of Boomgates, Blank Realm, Bitch Prefect, Terrible Truths + more. This year, we will celebrate our fifth birthday, with celebrations in some of our favourite venues across the country. 

Our birthday celebration this year will also include the release of a double-LP vinyl compilation, brilliantly titled ‘5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records’ and charting the label’s inception in Brisbane and growth throughout the past half-decade, including previously unreleased tracks from Love of Diagrams, Boomgates, Angel Eyes, Terrible Truths, Ela Stiles, Peter Escott + more.

Join us in celebration:

Saturday, October 4 – Format Festival, Adelaide
w/ Peter Escott, Martyr Privates, Superstar, Vintage Violence & Meat Market

Sunday, October 5 – Newcastle Weekender, Newcastle
w/ Ela Stiles, Martyr Privates, Per Purpose & Cannon 

Saturday, October 11 – John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Love of Diagrams, Small World Experience, Terrible Truths, Peter Escott, Martyr Privates, Fair Maiden, Superstar, Totally Mild + MC Fred Soque (Silly Joel & The Candymen)

Sunday, October 19 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane 
w/ Terrible Truths, Peter Escott, Superstar, Primitive Motion, Thigh Master & Cannon 

Friday, November 7 – Good God Small Club, Sydney
w/ Love of Diagrams, Terrible Truths, Gloss performing Circle Pit’s ‘Wicked, Wicked Time’ EP, Martyr Privates & Superstar

BSR #050 ‘5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records’ available in stores and online from Monday, October 6, 2014.