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Brisbane quartet Blank Realm return with their most blistering release to date. Grassed Inn expands further the fluorescent pop leanings that shone through last year’s critically acclaimed Go Easy. The result is an album packed with soaring psych melodies & love stained lyrics, one of the sharpest pop records to emerge from the current Australian underground renaissance.

Having moved on from their open-ended experimental beginnings, Blank Realm have veered toward songs in the manner of later-era Big Star, The Zombies, or Echo & The Bunnymen, all refracted through a grimy basement lens.

Blank Realm comprises of siblings Daniel Spencer (drum & vocal), Sarah Spencer (synth & vocal) and Luke Spencer (bass), with the addition of Luke Walsh on guitar & production. This new record is much catchier than anything they have previously crafted, yet also much darker. Grassed Inn is a startling prospect, one that harnesses the spirit of Go Easy and and propels it into one of the most exciting pop albums of recent years.

Blank Realm ‘Grassed Inn’ available from January 14, 2014.

Blank Realm’s music has always sparkled: not with polish but as if thickly glazed in syrup, all the sharper edges pressed and smudged. Whole ensembles worth of technicolour driftwood linger just beneath the surface, hidden from cursory ears, like a phantom song keeping time in the shadows.

- Shaun Prescott, Mess & Noise